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Name: makin.aroceu.com, or makin’ – please link or credit as so
Type: Web/Content
Current Theme: 2.0, with original graphics


  1. Please do not remove credit off of anything.
  2. Graphics and icons do not require credit as long as ownership is not claimed. However, if icons are used on LiveJournal, please give credit in the comment box either to makin.aroceu.com orĀ kingdra.
  3. Icons and LJ profiles were originally posted at d15co_drive, which is now closed.
  4. It is advised for you to save any graphics on layouts onto your own server, as it would be easier for the both of us. WordPress themes come with their own graphics in the .zip files.
  5. I do not take requests, but I always accept suggestions. I can also be contacted for any help regarding HTML, CSS, FTP, PHP, and installing WordPress themes, so never hesitate to use the contact form or cbox.
  6. If you find any errors in any of my themes or layouts, please let me know so I can fix them right away!