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No comments June 7th, 2017 at 11:30AM Networks, Updates

I have a subsection for all my website updates so I won’t be using this for that anymore. This’ll just be on updates for things I make.

Which, speaking of, I’ve started making Dreamwidth layouts. I’ve made a page for them here already, but they’re much more relevantly trackable and available on [community profile] byaro, along with some other stuff.

will fall asleep alone

1 comment February 18th, 2017 at 09:23AM Networks, Updates

kiiiiiiinda re-designed the contact page because I kind of wanted it to be divided in half (kinda) but also it’s bothering me so I will figure out… what to do about it… at some point… I have like zero inspiration and my mental health is making my brain poop so


also! added a new page to grow since I remembered that I just like designing random things for no purpose because I just like making things. so. there is that.


so I make a Mark/Eduardo shrine – is anyone surprised? – and also wrote like. 12k of the movie summary (from their POV) and also like 5k meta on each of their personalities. lmao. Eduardo’s was pretty hard since my whole interpretation of his personality is below the surface which was difficult since the movie presented his personality¬†strictly surface level. admittedly Mark was hard to do too, but only because I feel like I understand him so well it was just difficult to just not like, ramble about whatever. I had to make it organized and shit.

but yeah, so that. and I need to write the other meta too – I was thinking I would just do it chronologically as the pages are presented – but my inspiration for it is like… dying… which is annoying since I prefer doing these things all at once, and also so they get finished soon and are presentable in full. so. weh.

also, I reconfigured dapple heart to be for shrines, as you do. I’m generally just bad at updating my fanlistings so they usually get taken off within like six months (and I’m also bad at notifying the mods about going on hiatus…) so I’m just going to reconfigure them to be shrines. presentation-wise I’ve already done that, but for them to be actual shrines I’m going to need to write more pages on both kyusung and Edward Eager. Eager I’m fine to do, but kyusung… it’s been a long time… and my energy debilitates so rapidly these days. ugh.

BUT. yeah.

also I have a full version of Photoshop again hehehe

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